Jewish Cult and Hellenistic Culture

Essays on the Jewish Encounter with Hellenism and Roman Rule


This is a collection of 12 essays, written since 1997, on themes related to Hellenistic (Greek-speaking) Judaism. They include a review essay on recent scholarship on Hellenistic Judaism, a discussion of the question of anti-Semitism in antiquity, a study of the Hellenistic reform in Jerusalem, several studies of individual texts and an essay on the circumstances that led to the first Jewish revolt against Rome.

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John J. Collins, Ph.D. Harvard (1972) is Holmes Professor of Old Testament at Yale Divinity School. He has published extensively on the Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Second Temple Judaism. His books include The Apocalyptic Imagination (Eerdmans, 1998), Between Athens and Jerusalem (Eerdmans, 2000), Seers, Sibyls and Sages in Hellenistic-Roman Judaism (Brill, 1997).
Scholars and students of the Bible, ancient Judaism and early Christianity.