The Contribution of the Rwanda Tribunal to the Development of International Law


This book offers a thorough analysis of the establishment and the Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Furthermore, it gives insight into how the Rwanda Tribunal has operated in practice during its first ten years and it examines the case law on the three major international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The author provides a balanced judgement of the contribution of the Rwanda Tribunal towards the development of international criminal law, emphasizing its strong points, in particular the case law on genocide, but also exposing its weaknesses in terms of legal reasoning. The author also demonstrates the inherent limits of the Rwanda Tribunal due to the political and social situation within Rwanda and due to its own Statute.


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Recipient of the Bulthuis van Oosternieland Prize 2006

Review Quotes

'This publication can serve as a useful resource for Legal scholars who wish to update on the current state of affairs in several substantive aspects of international criminal law. As the International Criminal Court is progressing in the handling of its first cases, the case law of the ICTR can certainly play an important part as a precedent and a source of international customary law. Moreover, for policymakers and jurists alike, the examination of the ICTR’s flaws and accomplishments provides guidelines for the handling of future post-conflict situations.' Leen Nijs in The Military Law and the Law of War Review, volume 3-4, 2006

Table of contents

List of ICTR Judgements, Decisions and other documents, List of ICTY Judgements, Decisions and other documents, Table of other Cases, Table of Treaties, List of United Nations Documents, List of Abbreviations, Introduction, Aim of the research and statement of the problem, 2 Structure of the thesis, 3 Methodology, I Historical and Political Context of the Events in Rwanda in 1994, II The Establishment, Organisation and Jurisdiction of the ICTR, III ICTR Case Law on Genocide, IV ICTR Case Law on Crimes against Humanity, V ICTR Case Law on War Crimes, VI The Interrelationship between the Three Crimes, VII Conclusions: Contributions, Challenges and Concerns, Bibliography, Index, Appendices.


International Criminal Tribunals/Courts, International Criminal Lawyers( defence lawyers, NGO-workers, staff from International Courts), International Law Libraries.