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With the establishment of the WTO, trade in services became part of the world trade order. Volume 6 is dedicated to these rather recent developments. It covers the core agreement, the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) with annexes, as well as the additional instruments , which have been adopted later on to govern the liberalization in specific sectors. Those are the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services, the Second Protocol on Financial Services, the Third Protocol on the Movement of Natural Persons, the Fourth Protocol on Basic Telecommunications and the Fifth Protocol, which contains further rules for financial services. This volume will be a valuable reference tool for the WTO community as a whole, as well as for professionals and researchers, who deal with one of the sectors concerned, e.g. financial services and telecommunications. Furthermore, it is highly relevant in view of those sectors, which are the subject of ongoing liberalization efforts or earmarked for future negotiations, namely accounting, legal services, transport, tourism, environmental services, legal and educational services.
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Table of contents

Preface to the Series; Preface to this Volume; User’s Guide; List of Contributors; Table of Abbreviations and Acronyms; General Bibliography

General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
GATS Negotiating History ( Fuchs); Preamble GATS ( Hestermeyer)

Part I Scope and Definition
Article I GATS ( Zacharias)

Part II General Obligations and Disciplines
Article II GATS ( Wolfrum); Article III GATS ( Delimatsis); Article IIIbis GATS ( Delimatsis); Article IV GATS ( Grote); Article V GATS ( Cottier & Molinuevo); Article Vbis GATS ( Bast); Article VI GATS ( Krajewski); Article VII GATS ( Krajewski); Article VIII GATS ( Bigdeli & Rechsteiner); Article IX GATS ( Bigdeli & Burri Nenova); Article X GATS ( Grote); Article XI GATS ( Christ & Panizzon); Article XII GATS ( Grote); Article XIII GATS ( Zacharias); Article XIV GATS ( Cottier, Delimatsis & Diebold ); Article XIVbis GATS ( Cottier & Delimatsis); Article XV GATS ( Poretti)

Part III Specific Commitments
Article XVI GATS ( Delimatsis & Molinuevo); Article XVII GATS ( Krajewski & Engelke); Article XVIII GATS ( Krajewski)

Part IV Progressive Liberalization
Article XIX GATS ( Delimatsis); Article XX GATS ( Molinuevo); Article XXI GATS ( Nartova)

Part V Institutional Provisions
Article XXII GATS ( Grote); Article XXIII GATS ( Grote); Article XXIV GATS ( Röben); Article XXV GATS ( Nartova); Article XXVI GATS ( Hestermeyer & Romero)

Part VI Final Provisions
Article XXVII GATS ( Röben); Article XXVIII GATS ( Feinäugle); Article XXIX GATS ( Feinäugle); Annex on Article II Exemptions ( Wolfrum); Annex on Movement of Natural Persons Supplying Services; Under the Agreement ( Bast); Third Protocol to the GATS ( Bast); Annex on Air Transport Services ( Köbele); Annex on Financial Services ( von Bogdandy & Windsor); Second Annex on Financial Services ( von Bogdandy & Windsor); Second Protocol to the GATS ( von Bogdandy & Windsor); Fifth Protocol to the GATS ( von Bogdandy & Windsor); Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services ( von Bogdandy & Windsor); Annex on Negotiations on Maritime Transport Services ( Parameswaran); Annex on Telecommunications ( Gao); Annex on Negotiations on Basic Telecommunications ( Gao); Fourth Protocol to the GATS ( Gao); Telecommunications Services: Reference Paper ( Gao); Index

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