Democritus: Science, The Arts, and the Care of the Soul

Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Democritus (Paris, 20-22 September 2003)


This volume gathers the papers presented at an International Colloquium held in Paris in 2003, and offers new contributions and new interpretative suggestions about both canonical and relatively neglected research areas on Democritus, including ethics, physics and epistemology, as well as musical and literary criticism, technics, zoology, and the catalogue of works. Specific contributions are furthermore devoted to Democritus’ posterity and the problem of sources. The book also offers a detailed bibliography and several indices, which render it an up-to-date and stimulating tool for contemporary research on Democritus and atomism.
Essays by: A. Brancacci, L. Gemelli, A. Jaulin, W. Leszl, J. Mansfeld, P.-M. Morel, D. O’Brien, L. Perilli, J. Salem, C.C.W. Taylor, J. Warren.
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Biographical Note

Aldo Brancacci is Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He has published extensively on ancient Greek philosophy, including two books on Dio Crysostom (1986) and Antisthenes (1990, French rev. transl. Paris 2005). He edited a series of books on the philosophy of the Imperial Age, most recently Philosophy and Doxography in the Imperial Age (2005).
Pierre-Marie Morel teaches History of Ancient Philosophy at University Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne. He has already published, among others, Démocrite et la recherche des causes (1996); Atome et nécessité. Démocrite, Epicure, Lucrèce (2000); Aristote, Parva naturalia, Introduction, French translation and commentary (2000), and several papers on ancient Atomism and Aristotle's psychology.


All those interested in philosophy, science, culture of classical Antiquity.


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