Corinthian and Attic Vases in the Detroit Institute of Arts

Geometric, Black-Figure, and Red-Figure


The collection of Greek vases in the Detroit Institute of Arts has been compiled over the course of the twentieth century to reflect the range of painting styles and shapes which characterize the period from the eighth through fourth centuries B.C. This catalogue is the first publication of that collection, comprising those vases from Corinth and Athens with painted decoration. The physical and painted characteristics of each vase are recorded, with an attribution to a painter or group, and a date. The relationship of the painted decoration to other Greek painted vases, religious or social institutions is discussed. The catalogue will be of interest to specialists in Greek vase painting, and those interested in Greek art and its modern collecting.
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Brian Madigan, Ph.D. (1982) in Art History, University of Minnesota, is Associate Professor of Art History at Wayne State University. He has published on various aspects of Greek and Roman art, including The Temple of Apollo Bassitas, II: The Sculpture.


Those interested in Greek vases, and Greek art history and archaeology generally, as well as Classical civilization, and the history of collecting.

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