This handbook provides a complete and updated view of our current knowledge about Carian, one of the Indo-European languages spoken in ancient Anatolia. The decipherment of the Carian alphabet has only recently made it possible to analyze Carian inscriptions and to classify the Carian language linguistically.
The book covers all major topics of research on Carian: the direct and indirect sources with an edition of the Carian inscriptions following a new classification system, the history of the decipherment, the Carian alphabet, and the phonological, morphological, lexical, and syntactic features of the language. It includes an annotated Carian glossary.
The volume concludes with a special appendix on Carian coins and legends by Koray Konuk that will be of particular interest to specialists in ancient numismatics.
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Ignacio J. Adiego, Ph.D. (1990) in Classical Philology, University of Barcelona, is Professor of Indo-European Linguistics at the University of Barcelona. Together with J. D. Ray and D. Schürr he has carried out the decipherment of the Carian alphabet. He has published extensively on Anatolian languages and the languages of Ancient Italy and on Romani linguistics.
Koray Konuk, D.Phil (1998) in Ancient History, University of Oxford, is a Senior Research Fellow at the CNRS in Bordeaux, Ausonius Institute. He currently holds a Senior Fellowship at the RCAC of Koç University, Istanbul to prepare the publication of the "Elmali (decadrachm) hoard". His publications include numerous studies on the monetary history of Asia Minor. Every summer he leads an archaeological survey in Caria (Ceramic Gulf).


All those interested in Indo-European Linguistics, Anatolian languages and the history of the ancient Near East. The appendix on Carian coins will be of interest also to specialists in numismatics.

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