A Grammar of Tshangla


Author: Erik Andvik
A Grammar of Tshangla is the first major linguistic description of Tshangla, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Bhutan, northeast India, and southwest China. Written from a functional-typological perspective, it contains a wealth of illustrative examples both from elicited data and from spontaneously generated texts. It is a truly comprehensive description, including sections on phonology, lexicon, morphophonemics, morphosyntactic structure, clause-concatenating constructions, as well as discourse-pragmatic features.
The volume will be of interest to language students, and to linguists and ethnographic scholars seeking to understand the Bhutanese and South Asian linguistic situation. The large amount of raw language data presented here make this Grammar of Tshangla an indispensable tool for students of Tibeto-Burman comparative linguistics and morphosyntactic theory in general.

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Erik E. Andvik, Ph.D. (1999) in Linguistics, University of Oregon, is a linguistics consultant and language program coordinator for SIL International in South Asia.
All students and scholars of linguistics, especially functional-typological, Sino-Tibetan/Tibeto-Burman, South Asian, morphosyntax, grammaticalization, historical-syntax, discourse-pragmatics.