Money, Markets and Trade in Late Medieval Europe

Essays in Honour of John H.A. Munro


Assembled in honour of John H. A. Munro (University of Toronto), the volume groups nineteen original studies by a diversified panel of scholars. The essays explore late medieval market mechanisms and associated institutional, fiscal and monetary, organizational, decision-making, legal and ethical issues, as well as various aspects of production, consumption and market integration. The geographical scope stretches from North-Western and Central Europe to North and West Africa, and the individual contributions deal with a variety of local, regional, and long-distance markets and networks. The mix of approaches, cutting-edge archival research, and presentations of current projects addresses the interests of scholars in diverse fields, from economic to social and institutional history. The volume offers a full bibliography of John H. A. Munro’s works.

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Biographical Note

Lawrin Armstrong (Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1996) is Associate Professor of Medieval Studies and Associate Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto. His research focuses on the relationship between economics and law in late medieval and Renaissance Italy.

Ivana Elbl (Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1986) is Associate Professor of History, Trent University, and Chief Editor of the Portuguese Studies Review. Her research focuses on societal dynamics of the late medieval Portugal and the early Portuguese overseas expansion.

Martin Elbl (M.A, University of Toronto, 1981) is adjunct member of the Department of History, Trent University, and Associate Editor of the Portuguese Studies Review. His research and publications focus on late medieval Italian and Iberian relations with North Africa.

Review Quotes

“this Festschrift in honor of the revered John Munro contains original and remarkable
work, .. are all characterized by a notable wealth of historical evidence, references, and sources. Given the scope of topics and the diversity of approaches, the volume should be of great interest to a wide range of scholars in diverse fields” Karine van der Beek in EH.Net (September 2007)

“in its range and diversity the collection is a fine tribute to Munro’s work, and the bibliographies,
not least that of his own publications, provide most valuable references”, Pamela Nightingale in Economic History Review, 61, 1 (2008)

Table of contents

Herman Van der Wee

Money and Ethics

Law, Ethics and Economy: Gerard of Siena and Giovanni d’Andrea on Usury
Lawrin Armstrong
Max Weber and Usury: Implications for Historical Research
Lutz Kaelber
Taxation and Revenue
The King’s Business in Africa: Decisions and Strategies of the Portuguese Crown
Ivana Elbl
Civic Debt, Civic Taxes, and Urban Unrest: A Catalan Key to Interpreting the Late Fourteenth-Century European Crisis
Jeffrey Fynn-Paul
Tolls and Trade in Medieval England
James Masschaele

Expenditure and War

Calculating Profits and Losses during the Hundred Years War
Kelly DeVries
The Cost of Majesty: Financial Reform and the Development of the Royal Court in Portugal and England at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century
Susannah C. Humble Ferreira
Warfare, Shipping, and Crown Patronage: The Economic Impact of the Hundred Years War on the English Port Towns
Maryanne Kowaleski

Land and Labour

Peasant Servitude in Later Medieval Provence: Archaism or Innovation?
John Drendel
Bargaining Power and Institutional Change: Seven Centuries of Italian Sharecropping Contracts, 821 to 1517 A.D.
Francesco Galassi
Market Integration
A Test Case for Regional Market Integration? The Grain Trade between Malta and Sicily in the Fifteenth Century
Mark Aloisio
Capital Market and Central Place Function in Thirteenth-Century Ypres
David Nicholas
Thresholds for Market Integration in the Low Countries and England in the Fifteenth Century
Richard W. Unger

Long-Distance Trade and Markets

Egyptian Specie Markets and the International Gold Crisis of the Fifteenth Century
Ian Blanchard
From Venice to the Tuat: Trans-Saharan Copper Trade and Francesco di Marco Datini of Prato
Martin Malcolm Elbl
The Borromei Bank Research Project
Francesco Guidi Bruscoli and J. L. Bolton

Regional and Local Markets

Shops and Shopping in the Thirteenth Century: Three Texts
Martha Carlin
Movable/Immovable, What’s in a Name?— The Case of Late Medieval Ghent
Martha Howell
Cultivation and Consumption: Medieval Lübeck’s Gardens
Charlotte Masemann


Readers interested in medieval economic, social, and institutional history, and particularly in commerce, in fiscal, organizational, and related legal issues, as well as in banking, capital markets, and market integration.

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