The Spread of Christianity in the First Four Centuries

Essays in Explanation


The Spread of Christianity in the First Four Centuries: Essays in Explanation attempts to show how contemporary historical scholarship, or rather a selection of its exponents, views the perennial question why a new religion, indeed a new kind of religion, succeeded in subverting the other religions of the Roman Empire in the first three centuries and in the generations immediately following the ‘conversion’ of the usurper Constantine in 312.


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Biographical Note

William V. Harris teaches Greek and Roman History at Columbia University. His most recent books are Restraining Rage: the Ideology of Anger-Control in Classical Antiquity (2002), and (as editor and contributor) Rethinking the Mediterranean (2005).

Review Quote

' ..this book is valuable because it does challenge some of our traditional viewpoints on why the Christians eventually managed to gain victory.' Hennie Stander, Review of Biblical Literature, 2006


All those interested in the early history of Christianity or in religious revolutions more generally; sociologists of religion.