Italy and the European Powers

The Impact of War, 1500-1530


This is a pioneering examination of the impact of the crucial central phase of the Italian Wars on the society, politics and culture of Italy, and how the experience of these campaigns and their consequences affected the combatants and the way they saw Italy and the Italians. The essays cover a broad range of subjects from fortifications and military organization to civic and royal ritual, music and musicians to universities, political society and diplomacy to the history of ideas.
Together they throw light on the complex effects of the wars, how Italians tried to explain and to react to the dramatic changes these brought, and how the European powers who conquered and occupied Italian states dealt with their new subjects.


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Biographical Note

Christine Shaw, D.Phil. (1983), University of Oxford, is a Senior Research Associate at the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge. She has published extensively on the political history of Renaissance Italy, including The Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy (2000).

Table of contents

Preface, Christine Shaw Abbreviations List of Contributors ITALY AS A THEATRE OF WAR The transformation of war, 1494–1530, Michael Mallett Hommes de guerre et Gens de finance: The inquest on the French defeat in Naples 1503–4, Atis Antonovics The face of the siege: Fortification, tactics and strategy in the early Italian Wars, Simon Pepper Loreto, Leo X and the fortifications on the Adriatic coast against the Infidel, Eva Renzulli INDEPENDENT ITALY AND THE WARS The ending of the Duchy of Camerino, John Law Political allegiances and political structures in the writings of Niccolò Machiavelli and Francesco Guicciardini, H. C. Butters The Papacy and the European powers, Christine Shaw OCCUPATION AND FOREIGN RULE Ferdinand the Catholic and the Kingdom of Naples, David Abulafia Milan during the Italian Wars (1499–1529): Experiments in representation and definitions of citizenship, Letizia Arcangeli A question of sovereignty: France and Genoa, 1494–1528, George L. Gorse THE CULTURAL IMPLICATIONS OF CONQUEST AND ASSIMILATION Arms and letters: The crisis of courtly culture in the Wars of Italy, John M. Najemy Visions of war in the ‘terrestrial paradise’. Images of Italy in early sixteenth-century French texts, Nicole Hochner Cardinals and courtesans: Secular music in Rome, 1500–1520, William F. Prizer Music and crisis in Florence and Rome, 1527–30, Iain Fenlon Italian universities and the Wars of Italy, Jonathan Davies Index


Scholars and students of the history of warfare, of political and diplomatic history, of Italian and French literature, the history of ideas, art history, music and ritual.