Inventory of Yiddish Publications from the Netherlands c.1650 - c. 1950


This inventory, with its more than 580 titles, is the most comprehensive inventory to date of Yiddish books printed in the Netherlands, spanning the full period of active Yiddish printing in the region (from 1644 to the 1950s). This varied collection of Yiddish prints ranges from narrative prose, plays and humorous literature, to textbooks, grammars, religious literature, and regulations of local Ashkenazic Jewish communities. With its extensive indices and bibliographical references, the inventory serves as an invaluable tool for both qualitative and quantitative research into Yiddish language, literature, and printing. The accompanying reproductions of select pages from the included books provide the readers with a first glimpse into some of these treasures.
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Mirjam Gutschow, MA, studied Yiddish in Trier and Jerusalem. She currently is at the Menasseh ben Israel Institute and the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, both in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Honorable Mention Award in the category of Judaica Bibliography for 2007


All those interested in Yiddish literature, the development of the Yiddish language, Jewish culture in The Netherlands, Hebrew printing and the history of printing in The Netherlands.

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