Die Übersetzungen der Elementatio Theologica des Proklos und Ihre Bedeutung für den Proklostext


The present book presents for the first time a detailed study of selected passages of the most important Georgian translation of a text of Greek philosophy: the translation of Proklos' Elementatio Theologica by the most eminent philosopher of the Georgian middle ages, Ioane Petrizi, who not only translated Proklos' text, but also provided it with an extensive commentary. The book discusses the paragraphs which are also extant in an Arabic translation of the early 9th century. The main scope of the book is to establish the relevance of the Georgian and Arabic translations for the history of the constitution of the text, but it provides also important insights in Petrizi's method of translation and the philosophical significance of his commentary.
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Prof. Dr. H.-C. Günther, Professor for Classics in the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg. He has published extensively on Ancient philosophy, Greek drama, Augustan poetry, Byzantine scholarship and the transmission of Greek and Latin texts and modern Greek studies and is the author of many verse translations of Latin, Italian, modern Greek and Georgian poetry.


Classicists, Students of ancient and medieval philosophy and theology, Byzantinists and students of language, culture and history of the caucasus.

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