Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon


Author: Rick Derksen
This dictionary in the Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series systematically and exhaustively deals with the Slavic inherited lexicon. It is unique in combining recent insights from the field of comparative Indo-European linguistics with modern Balto-Slavic accentology. In addition, the author makes an explicit attempt at reconstructing part of the Balto-Slavic lexicon.
The entries of the dictionary are alphabetically arranged Proto-Slavic etyma. Each lemma consists of a number of fields which contain the evidence, reconstructions and notes. The introduction explains the contents and the significance of the individual fields. Here the reader can also find information on the various sources of the material. The volume concludes with an extensive bibliography of sources and secondary literature, and a word index.

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Rick Derksen, Ph.D. (1996), Leiden University, is a collaborator of the Leiden based Indo-European Etymological Dictionary project. His main field of research is Balto-Slavic historical linguistics, with an emphasis on accentology and etymology.
"Ce dictionaire est un outil précieux, indispensable pour les slavistes et les comparatistes, fiable dans ses reconstructions, le tout dans un volume qui reste maniable et assez compact, comme quoi la grande concision des notices qu'on a relevée ci-dessus a ausi ses avantages." Claire Le Feuvre, Société de Linguistique, 2009, pp. 148-150. "Als 'a tool for further research', als das Derksen es verstanden haben möchte, dürfte es zu künftigen Untersuchungen verschiedener Forschungsrichtungen wie Phonologie, Akzentologie, Morphologie u.a. in jedem Fall äusserst gewinnbringend zu Rate gezogen werden." Rainer Fecht, Philologia Fenno-Ugrica, 12-13 (2005-2006 (2010))
Indo-Europeanists as well as anyone interested in Slavic historical linguistics or etymological studies in general.