Protection of Broadcasters' Rights


Author: Megumi Ogawa
This book deals with a highly topical area: the protection of broadcasters’ rights. It is an area in which the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has been working to draft a new treaty and has now reached the final stage for conclusion of the treaty.
The author analyses the formation and subsequent development of the legislation for protecting broadcasters’ rights, and discusses the current legal issues arising out of current proposals at the international and domestic levels to upgrade that protection. The focus of the work is the international protection of broadcasters’ rights as well as in the two jurisdictions which are representative of the two-different approaches to protection: Australia and Japan. This volume provides a detailed account of the relevant international treaties and conventions as well as domestic legislation, and provides insightful arguments that present the optimal approach of the future protection of broadcasters’ rights.

'This book is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the issues relating to the protection of broadcasters' rights. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the protection of broadcasters' rights based on the differing approaches adopted by the common law and civil law systems'.
From the foreword by The Honourable Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE CBE.

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Megumi Ogawa is a Research Fellow at the Media Network Centre, Waseda University, Tokyo since 2000. Prior to joining the University, she was a 1999-2000 Rotary ambassadorial scholar researching the Australian Copyright Act at the University of Queensland, Australia.
Table of Abbreviations,
Chapter 1 Preliminary Study,
Chapter 2 Overview of the Rights of Broadcasting Organisations,
Chapter 3 The Rome Convention and the Current Transnational Regime,
Chapter 4 Broadcasting Technology-Analogues,
Chapter 5 Ongoing Discussions for the Reform of the International Regime,
Chapter 6 Protection of Broadcasters’ Rights in Australia,
Chapter 7 Protection of Broadcasters’ Rights in Japan,
Chapter 8 Rationale for the Protection of Broadcasters’ Rights,
Chapter 9 Future Directions From the Past, To the Future,