Life and work of Dr. Johannes Govertus de Man (1850-1930)

A Crustacea and Nematoda specialist

Author: Gerrit Karssen
This book describes the life and work of Dr. Johannes Govertus de Man (1850-1930), a remarkable Dutch invertebrate zoologist. J.G. de Man worked on the systematics of both the Crustacea, in particular on Decapoda (i.e. crabs, crayfish, lobsters, and shrimps), and the microscopic Nematoda or roundworms.
The biographic part describes his years of childhood and youth, student days and the time he was working at the National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, the Netherlands and the period after he resigned at the museum. In appendices, his publications, described Crustacea, Nematoda and other taxa, species named after De Man and the De Man archive are presented. A selection of his drawings and a CD-ROM with his 1884 Nematoda monograph are included.

Note to readers: The CD-ROM in some copies of the book contains only the low-resolution scans of De Man's original publication. Please click here for high-resolution scans of all images from De Man's work.

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Book and CD-ROM
Gerrit Karssen, is Nematode Taxonomist at the Dutch Plant Protection Service, Guest Professor at Gent Universty and Nematoda curator at Wageningen University. He has published particularly on plant-parasitic nematodes, including The plant-parasitic nematode genus Meloidogyne Göld, 1892 (Tylenchida) in Europe (Brill, 2002).
"[...] it should be evident that this booklet, with its accompanying CD, contains a wealth of information relevant to the carcinologist, and such at a most reasonable price. Those who have become curious now, should order this title right away: they will be amply rewarded!" – J.C. von Vaupel Klein, Crustaceana 80 (11): 1403 "Karssen has produced a commendably compulsive biography of a pre-eminent taxomonist and zoologist." – David Hunt, Nematology vol 9 (6): 909-910 "[The] the printing and reproduction of plates in the book are of excellent quality. [...] We should be grateful to [...] Gerrit Karssen for having done a wonderful job in making all this information available to us." – A. Coomans, J. Nematode Morphol. Syst., 9 (2): 193-195 (2006, publ. 2007)
Particular for all Nematoda and Crustacea specialist, students and those interested in the history of biology & systematics.