The Dutch Intersection

The Jews and the Netherlands in Modern History


Editor: Yosef Kaplan
This collection of historical studies deals with the multiple connections between the history and culture of the Jews of the Netherlands from the beginning of the seventeenth century until the period after the Holocaust, and phenomena and processes that distinguish the history of the Jewish people in the modern period. The Jews of the Netherlands were not only nourished by the cultural creativity of the great Sephardi and Ashkenazi centers, East and West, but also at various stages they served as a source of inspiration for Jews elsewhere in the Jewish Diaspora. The articles of this volume examin the influence of general Jewish history on that of the Jews of the Netherlands and focus on events and processes that highlight the significance of of Dutch Jewry for modern Jewish culture.
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Biographical Note

Yosef Kaplan is Bernard Cherrick Chair of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published extensively on early modern Jewish history, on the history of the marranos and on the western Sephardi diaspora, including From Christianity to Judaism. The Story of Isaac Orobio de Castro (Oxford, 1989) and An Alternative Path to Modernity (Brill, 2000).

Table of contents

Bernard D. Cooperman
Amsterdam from an International Perspective: Tolerance and Kehillah in the Portuguese Diaspora
Adam Sutcliffe
The Boundaries of Community: Urban Space and Intercultural Interaction in Early Modern, Sephardi Amsterdam, and London
Yosef Kaplan
Amsterdam, the Forbidden Lands, and the Dynamics of the Sephardi Diaspora
Jonathan Schorsch
Mosseh Pereyra de Paiva: An Amsterdam Portuguese Jewish Merchant Abroad in the Seventeenth Century
Harm den Boer
Amsterdam as “Locus” of Iberian Printing in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Gary Schwartz
The Temple Mount in the Lowlands
Michael Studemund-Halévy
The Persistence of Images: Reproductive Success in the History of Sephardi Sepulchral Art
Evelyne Oliel-Grausz
Patrocinio and Authority: Assessing the Metropolitan Role of the Portuguese Nation of Amsterdam in the Eighteenth Century
Jonathan Israel
Philosophy, Deism, and the Early Jewish Enlightenment (1655–1740)
Shlomo Berger
Yiddish Book Production in Amsterdam between 1650–1800: Local and International Aspects
Hilde Pach
“In Hamburg a High German Jew Was Murdered”: The Representation of Foreign Jews in the Dinstagishe un Fraytagishe Kuranten (Amsterdam, 1686–1687)
Avriel Bar-Levav
Amsterdam and the Inception of the Jewish Republic of Letters
Stefan Litt
Ashkenazi-Dutch Pinkassim as Sources for Studying European-Jewish Migration: The Cases of Middelburg and The Hague in the Eighteenth Century
Gérard Nahon
The Hague, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Jerusalem: David de Pinto and the Jesiba Magen David, 1750–1767
Shalom Sabar
From Amsterdam to Bombay, Baghdad, and Casablanca:The Infl uence of the Amsterdam Haggadah on Haggadah Illustration among the Jews in India and the Lands of Islam
Irene E. Zwiep
A Maskil Reads Zunz: Samuel Mulder and the Earliest Dutch Reception of the Wissenschaft des Judentums
Bart Wallet
Dutch National Identity and Jewish International Solidarity: An Impossible Combination? Dutch Jewry and the Signifi cance of the Damascus Affair (1840)
Rivka Weiss-Blok
Jewish Artists Facing Holland
Benjamin Ravid
Alfred Klee and Hans Goslar: From Amsterdam to Westerbork to Bergen Belsen
Evelien Gans
Next Year in Paramaribo: Galut and Diaspora as Scene-changes in the Jewish Life of Jakob Meijer
Elrud Ibsch
Writing against Silence. Jewish Writers of the Generation-After in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and France: A Comparison
David Weinberg
Patrons or Partners? Relations between the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Dutch Jewish Community in the Immediate Postwar Period
Manfred Gerstenfeld
International Aspects of the Restitution Process in the Netherlands at the End of the Twentieth Century


All those interested in modern European history, modern Jewish history, the history of the Sephardi diaspora, the history of Dutch Jewry, the history of Jewish printing, the history of the holocaust and its aftermath, as well as historians of Jewish art and literature.

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