The American Society of International Law's First Century, 1906-2006

From the historic launch of the organization by such luminaries as Elihu Root and Charles Evans Hughes, to the recent era when international law is more and more in the public realm, Kirgis’s book traces the evolution of the organization and its relationship to events in the United States and around the world. As he says in the preface:

'...In the end, the reader will have to make his/her own judgment about how well the Society has run the course it set out for itself in 1906. I hope this book will provide a basis for that judgment. And of course no judgment at this stage can be final. The American Society of International Law will carry on into its second century with new and continuing programs that take into account what it has done in its first one hundred years. It will continue to do its best to demonstrate not only what international law is or should be, but also that, in the words of former ASIL President Louis Henkin, international law matters.'
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Review Quotes

'Long anticipated, Rick Kirgis’s history of the ASIL has proved well worth the wait. It is a meticulously researched tale made lively in the telling. It is far more than just an ‘in-house history,’ however. Even non-members of the Society will find it valuable as a window into shifting American conceptions of and attitudes toward international law.'
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Chair of the Centennial Committee of the American Society of International Law, 2002-2004

Table of contents

List of Illustrations,
Chapter One The Formative Years,
Chapter Two Adapting to a New World,
Chapter Three Looking Forward in the Twenties,
Chapter Four The Years Leading to World War II,
Chapter Five War Years Again,
Chapter Six The Immediate Post-War Years,
Chapter Seven The Society in the Fifties,
Chapter Eight A New Beginning,
Chapter Nine Building on the New Foundation in a Time of National Turmoil,
Chapter Ten A Change of Emphasis,
Chapter Eleven Persevering During Lean Years,
Chapter Twelve An External Focus at the End of the Cold War,
Chapter Thirteen Infrastructure for Expanded Outreach,
Chapter Fourteen Approaching and Celebrating the Centennial,
Appendix A, The Original Constitution of the American Society of International Law,
Appendix B, Prospectus (1906),
Appendix C, ASIL Presidents,
Appendix D, Manley O. Hudson Medal Recipients,
Appendix E, Certificate of Merit Recipients,
Appendix F, Goler T. Butcher Medal Recipients,
Appendix G, Honorary Members, Index.


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