The Sukarno File, 1965-1967

Chronology of a Defeat


The book gives a detailed and final account of what happened on 1 October 1965 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Six anti-communist Army generals were kidnapped and then murdered. Mid-level officers were involved, as well as the leadership of the Indonesian Communist Party, PKI. Apparent aim was to move the country to the left. The plot failed due to swift action of major-general Suharto, the later President, until then completely unknown even to the CIA. The coup turned out to be a blunder of major proportions resulting in the annihilation of the PKI as organization. When the military found out that Sukarno himself had been behind the conspiracy, he was shunted aside without bringing him to court. Instead of left the country turned right.


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Biographical Note

Antonie C.A. Dake, Ph.D. (1973), in Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin, is the author of In the Red Banteng, Indonesian Communism between Moscow and Peking (The Hague 1973, Jakarta 2002). After a career in journalism and business, he now writes books and articles on international affairs, defense, and telecommunication.

Review Quote

Ex-President Suharto in interview with the author, 23 November 2005: “A positive contribution to the history of Indonesia” Ex-President Megawati Sukarnoputri on Televisie Republik Indonesia, 20 November 2005: “..this is character assassination… this is absurd”


All those interested in contemporary history and in particular history of South-East Asia, Indonesia specialists, political scientists, government officials, journalists, academics, students, film directors.