Private and Civil Law in the Russian Federation

The chapters in this volume are from two Leiden conferences. There, distinguished scholars and practitioners from Russia and the Far Abroad measured the winds of change in the field of private law in post-Soviet Russia: enormous differences from the Soviet period, crucial in supporting post-Soviet changes toward freedom of choice in the marketplaces of goods, services, ideas and political institutions. This volume will enable the reader to further chart the progress made in Russia (and the region) in the revitalization of private and civil law—and its impact upon practice and comparative legal studies—and to appreciate the role which the distinction between the public and private sectors is seen as playing in the process.

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William B. Simons is Professor of East European Law at the Universities of Leiden and Trento. Since 1998, he has been director of the Institute of East European Law and Russian Studies. He is also editor of the quarterly law journal Review of Central and East European Law and the monograph series Law in Eastern Europe.
Comparative and foreign law teachers and students; those engaged in the research and practice of Russian law, legal history and law in transition.