Text, Translation, and Tradition

Studies on the Peshitta and its Use in the Syriac Tradition Presented to Konrad D. Jenner on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday

This volume contains eighteen articles in honour of Konrad D. Jenner written by his friends and colleagues from all parts of the world and presented to him on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. The laureate has been a staff member of the Leiden Peshitta Institute for 35 years and has been its director since 1993. The contributions cover the broad field of Peshitta studies, addressing text-critical and text-historical questions, linguistic and translational issues, and the use of the Peshitta in the Syriac tradition. Thus the reader is given an up-to-date picture of research into the Syriac Bible. The editors, Wido van Peursen and Bas ter Haar Romeny, are two colleagues of Konrad Jenner at the Leiden Peshitta Institute.

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Wido van Peursen, Ph.D. (1999), Leiden University, is a research fellow at the Peshitta Institute Leiden. He has published on Hebrew and Aramaic languages and literature including The Verbal System in the Hebrew Text of Ben Sira (Brill, 2004). R. Bas ter Haar Romeny, Ph.D. (1997), Leiden University, is University Lecturer in Old Testament and director of the PIONIER and EURYI programmes in Eastern Christianity at Leiden University. He has published on Old Testament and Eastern Christianity, including A Syrian in Greek Dress (Peeters, 1997).
"It is clear that organized research into the Peshitta is on a sound footing. The Peshitta Institute undertakes many activities, such as the consistent publication of its monograph series on applicable themes and the successful organization of conferences. With this publication they make available insights into novel developments in this research field on all levels." – Johann Cook, in: Review of Biblical Literature, 2007
CONTENTS Preface List of Contributors Peshitta Psalm 34:6 from Syria to China, Pier Giorgio Borbone An Unknown Syriac Version of Isaiah 1:1–2:21, Sebastian P. Brock In Retrospect, Piet Dirksen Of Words and Phrases: Syriac Versions of 2 Kings 24:14, Janet Dyk & Percy van Keulen Translating and Transmitting an Inspired Text? Gillian Greenberg The Hebrew and Syriac Text of Deuteronomy 1:44, Jan Joosten Ms 9a1 of the Peshitta of Isaiah: Some Comments, Arie van der Kooij The Enigma of the Lectionary ms 10l1: Change of Vorlage in Biblical Manuscripts, Marinus D. Koster Scripture in Syriac Liturgy: the Rogation of Nineveh, David J. Lane Moses’ Laws: A Note on the Peshitta Version of Joshua 1:7 and Related Passages, Michaël N. van der Meer Further Remarks on —jP Clauses in Classical Syriac, Takamitsu Muraoka Clause Hierarchy and Discourse Structure in the Syriac Text of Sirach 14:20–27, Wido van Peursen The Peshitta of Isaiah: Evidence from the Syriac Fathers, Bas ter Haar Romeny The Text of the Psalms in the Shorter Syriac Commentary of Athanasius, Harry F. van Rooy The Genesis Texts of Jacob of Edessa: a Study in Variety, Alison Salvesen The Computer and Biblical Research: Are there Perspectives beyond the Imitation of Classical Instruments? Eep Talstra & Janet Dyk No Evil Word about Her. The Two Syriac Versions of the Book of Judith, Lucas Van Rompay Manuscript Relations for the Peshitta Text of Jeremiah, Donald M. Walter Index of Sources Index of Modern Authors
All those interested in the textual history of the Old Testament, the Peshitta, Syriac linguistics and the use of the Bible in the Syriac exegetical and liturgical tradition.