Society and Politics in an Ottoman Town

ʿAyntāb in the 17th Century


This book deals with a provincial town attending to its day-to-day business against the backdrop of an exacting war fought far afield against the Habsburgs (1683-99). The dynamics of long-term economic growth were temporarily disturbed by the wartime economy while realignment in center-periphery relations affected the local power structure and practices of status management. Meanwhile, the local elite continued to dominate public life, hence the lives of commoners. This study opens a window onto this world through a close examination of the court records of the town.


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Biographical Note

Hülya Canbakal, Ph.D. (1999) History and Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, is Assistant Professor of History at Sabancı University. Her dissertation, on which this book is based, received Honorable Mention in Social Sciences in Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award.


Scholars and students interested in social history, urban history, Ottoman history, Middle Eastern history, as well as historical sociology of Islamic and Ottoman law.