Narrative and Identity

An Ethical Reading of Exodus 4


Using Ricoeur’s theories of narrative and identity, and their ethical implications, this book offers a multi-disciplinary Asian reading of Moses’ reverse migration in Exodus 4:18-26, in light of the liminal experience of global economic migration.
The work demonstrates the productivity of Ricoeur’s threefold movement of prefiguration, configuration, and refiguration for OT studies and contemporary realities. By bringing together the world of an ancient text, a nuanced reading of the text’s narrative movement and its history of interpretation, and the bittersweet realities of Filipino overseas workers, this creative study charts the way for an OT hermeneutic that opens up possibilities for the formation of a reader’s narrative and ethical identity.
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Biographical Note

Athena Evelyn Gorospe, Ph.D. (2006) in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, is Associate Professor in Old Testament at Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines. As an Asian scholar-activist, her research interests lie in the area of Scripture's interface with philosophy, culture, and social transformation.

Review Quotes

Gorospe’s proposal for a particular construal of the plot of Exodus 4 and its place
in the larger story is thought-provoking, cogently argued, and insightful. At many
points it will prompt a reader to step back and ponder the argument and its implications
both for understanding the texts at hand and one’s own life experience.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Narrative and Ethics in Paul Ricoeur
3. Prefiguration: Setting the Stage
4. Configuration: Mediating the Narrative World
5. Refiguration: Transforming the Reader
6. Conclusion


Those interested in Ricoeur's narrative ethics, OT narrative interpretation, OT Ethics, narrative hermeneutics, narrative ethics, global economic migration, reception history, Asian/Philippine studies, non-Western biblical readings, interface of philosophy and biblical studies.


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