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Urban Farming in an East-African Town


Urban agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa has gained momentum in recent years in terms of research and policy, as well as in practical terms. The paradox of accelerated urbanisation and the increase in urban agriculture in developing countries is widely recognised. More than ever before, urban residents all over the developing world are cultivating urban plots and/or keeping animals to sustain their livelihoods. This volume looks at urban farming in the Kenyan town of Nakuru and is based on surveys and in-depth studies carried out by various researchers, including Kenyan Masters students. It considers farming techniques, the socio-economic aspects of urban farming and the environmental issues involved, and there is also a chapter on school farming. Specific attention is paid to urban farming in relation to poverty, with the conclusion being that those who depend on urban agriculture the most are, in fact, benefiting the least from it.


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Biographical Note

Dick Foeken, Ph.D. in Human Geography (University of Amsterdam, 1992), is a Senior Researcher at the African Studies Centre in Leiden. He has been involved in research on urban agriculture since the mid-1990s, mainly in Kenya and Tanzania.


All those interested in urban poverty, urban livelihoods, urban agriculture and the urban environment in developing countries, sub-Saharan Africa in particular.