EU Immigration and Asylum Law

Text and Commentary


Editors: Steve Peers and Nicola Rogers
Since entry into force of the Treaty of Amsterdam on 1 May 1999, the EU has considered, and in many cases adopted, many proposals for legislation or measures implementing legislation in the area of immigration and asylum law. These measures run the gamut from highly technical operational matters to broad measures covering basic aspects of immigration and asylum law. Between them, the proposed or adopted measures cover virtually every possible issue in relation to immigration or asylum.
This book contains the text of and commentary upon a large number of these measures proposed or adopted up until 1 January 2006, including all of the most important ones. It also includes the text of the key measures concerning asylum, legal migration and irregular migration. A full list of the measures with references to their legislative history is provided. The authors of each commentary are experts in the field of EU immigration and asylum law, and the areas covered include visa and border controls, asylum, legal migration and integration, and irregular migration.

Table of contents

Section I Framework of EC Immigration and Asylum Law:
Chapter 1 Overview;
Chapter 2 From Black Market to Constitution: The Development of the Institutional Framework for EC Immigration and Asylum law Steve Peers; Chapter 3 The EU Institutions and Title IV Steve Peers;
Chapter 4 Out of the Ghetto? The Personal Scope of EU Law Elspeth Guild and Steve Peers;
Chapter 5 Human Rights in the EU Legal Order: Practical Relevance for EC Immigration and Asylum Law Steve Peers;
Chapter 6 Enlargement of the EU and Title IV Judit Tóth;
Section II Visas and Border Controls:
Chapter 7 Border Controls;
Chapter 8 Visa List;
Chapter 9 Visa Policy;
Section III Asylum:
Chapter 10 Responsibility for Applications for Asylum;
Chapter 11 Eurodac;
Chapter 12 Minimum Standards for Reception;
Chapter 13 Refugee Definition and Subsidiary Protection;
Chapter 14 Asylum Procedures;
Chapter 15 Temporary Protection;
Chapter 16 Massive Refugee Flows and Europe’s Temporary Protection Geza Tessenyi;
Chapter 17 Challenges to Forging a Common European Asylum System in Line with International Obligations Frances Nicholson;
Chapter 18 Gender and EU Asylum Law Nathalia Pendo Berkowitz;
Section IV Legal Migration and Integration:
Chapter 19 Family Reunion;
Chapter 20 Long-term Residents;
Chapter 21 Migration for Employment and Self-employment;
Chapter 22 Admission of Students and Others;
Chapter 23 Social Security;
Chapter 24 The Socio-Economic Agenda of EC Immigration and Asylum Policy;
Section V Irregular Migration:
Chapter 25 Mutual Recognition of Expulsion Decisions;
Chapter 26 Carrier Sanctions;
Chapter 27 Trafficking in Human Beings;
Chapter 28 Facilitation of Irregular Entry, Residence and Movement;
Chapter 29 Victims of Trafficking or Smuggling; Chapter 30 Transit for Expulsion;
Chapter 31 EC Readmission Agreements; Chapter 32 Control of Irregular Migration and EU Law and Policy: A Human Rights Deficit Ryszard Cholewinski;
Annex I Proposed and Adopted Title IV measures (as of 1 Jan. 2006);
Annex 2 EC Treaty provisions on immigration and asylum;
Annex 3 December 1998, Vienna European Council;
Annex 4 Excerpt from conclusions, Tampere European Council;
Annex 5 Excerpts from Conclusions, Laeken, Seville and Thessaloniki European Councils; Annex 6 Excerpts: The Hague Programme;
Annex 7 EU Constitutional Treaty (excerpt); Index.


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