The Landmark Rulings of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the Rights of the Child

Protecting the Most Vulnerable at the Edge


This is the first comprehensive treatment of the topic of the Rights of the Child as reflected in the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. It reviews all decisions of the Inter-American Court relating to the Rights of the Child and analyses the principles held therein making them available to practitioners, academics and students of this area of the law.


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Biographical Note

Mónica Feria Tinta, LL.M. (with merit) (London), Diploma of the Hague Academy of International Law (2000). She is a practising international lawyer who has represented victims before the Inter-American organs of protection of human rights since 1997. She appeared as counsel for the victims in the case of the Gómez Paquiyauri Brothers before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and litigated the Miguel Castro Castro prison case on behalf of 800 victims. She received the Inge Genefke International Award in 2006 and the Gruber Foundation Justice Prize 2007 for her work as a lawyer in the field of human rights.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements; Table of Treaties and Other International Instruments; Table of Cases;
Foreword; Introduction; I. Protecting the Right to Life of At-risk Children: The Street Children case; II. Children as True Legal Persons; III. The First International Law cases concerning the protection of children in times of war in the world;
IV. The Right to Nationality and to Equal Protection: The Yean and Bosico Children case; V. Consolidating Principles on the Protection of Children in Internal Armed Conflicts: The Case of the Massacre of Mapiripán and the Case of the Massacres of Ituango vs Colombia; VI. The Protection of Children of Indigenous Peoples: The Case of the Sawhoyamaxa Indigenous Community v. Paraguay; VII. The Meaning of the Superior Interest of the Child in Post Conflict Societies: Servellón García and others vs Honduras;
VIII. Child Soldiers in Paraguay: The Case of Vargas Areco; IX. The Pending Task of Construing the Meaning of the Rights of the Family in the jurisprudence of the Court; X. Reparation in cases of violation of human rights of children; XI. Upcoming contentious cases on children’s rights in the system; Concluding remarks; Annexes; Instruments; Other Documents and Materials.


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