The Material and the Ideal

Essays in Medieval Art and Archaeology in Honour of Jean-Michel Spieser


Reflecting the diverse interests of Jean-Michel Spieser, his colleagues, students and friends contribute papers focused on topics ranging from the changing role of the apse and the layout of late antique basilicas to holy relics said to have been brought from Constantinople. Many of the articles address the nature and impact of specific media - goldsmiths' work, ivory and ceramics - while a group of highly original, broader studies is devoted to such larger issues as ritual display in the tenth century, the metaphorical significance of pottery and an interrogation of the supposed influence of Byzantine icons on Western medieval art. Throughout, the achievement of the authors is to move from concrete observations of particular objects to the larger meaning they held for those who commissioned and made use of them.

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Biographical Note

Anthony Cutler is the Evan Pugh Professor of Art History at Pennsylvania State University. He has published extensively on Late Antique and Byzantine art, with a special concentration on ivory carving.
Arietta Papaconstantinou is currently Marie Curie Fellow at the Oriental Institute, Oxford University. She is the author of Le culte des saints en Égypte des Byzantins aux Abbassides (CNRS, 2001) and of various articles on aspects of late antique and early Islamic social history and material culture.

Table of contents

1. Anthony Cutler: The Material and the Ideal: An Introduction
2. Beat Brenk: Zur Apsis als Bildort
3. Arietta Papaconstantinou: Divine or Human? Some Remarks on the Design and Layout of Late Antique Basilicas
4. Etleva Nallbani: Urban and Rural Mortuary Practices in Early Medieval Illyricum. Some General Considerations
5. Brigitte Pitarakis: L’orfèvre et l’architecte: Autour d’un groupe d’edifices constantinopolitains du VIe siècle
6. Jeffrey Featherstone: Di j e[ndeixin: Display in Court Ceremonial (De Cerimoniis II,15)
7. Anthony Cutler and Nancy Patterson Ševčenko: A Recently Discovered Ivory of St. Ignatios and the Lions
8. Ivana Jetvić: Le nouvel ordre du monde ou l‘image du cosmos à Lesnovo
9. Sharon E. J. Gerstel: The Sacred Vessel and the Measure of a Man
10. Maria Parani: On the Personal Life of Objects in Medieval Byzantium
11. Véronique François: Des potiers de Nicée aux faïenciers d’Iznik: tradition maintenue ou fausse continuité?
12. Elisabeth Yota: Un tetraévangile provincial d’origine syro-palestinienne: Florence, Bibliothèque Laurentienne Conv. Soppr. gr. 160
13. Jannic Durand: Une prétendue relique de Constantinople: la “Véronique” de Corbie
14. Jean Wirth: À propos des influencs byzantines sur l’art du Moyen Âge occidental


General readers and specialists in Late Antique, Byzantine and Western Medieval art and archaeology.

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