Proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the IATS, 2003. Volume 6: Contemporary Tibetan Literary Studies


These essential readings in the emerging field of Tibetan literary studies offer specialists and non-specialists provocative new studies of contemporary Tibetan literature and criticism, ranging from discussions of individual works to theoretical interventions. The nature of Tibetan literature as both a regional voice within China and a transnational voice in the world is explored by L. Hartley on the relationship between the terms rtsom-rig, wen, and literature, F. Robin on historical fiction, L. Maconi on literature in the Yunnan Tibetan areas, T. Dhondup on Mongolian-Tibetan writers, J. Drakpa on poetic explication, P. Schiaffini on the creation of Tibetan subjectivities, F.X. Erhard on magical realism, and Gray Tuttle’s interview with writer and critic Pema Bhum.
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Steven J. Venturino , Ph.D. (2000), teaches literature and criticism at Loyola University Chicago. His work has appeared in the journals Diaspora, World Literature Today and Boundary 2, and in Constructing Tibetan Culture (1997) and Sinographies: Writing China (2007).


Academic libraries, all those interested in contemporary Tibetan and Chinese literature and literary history, as well as students and scholars of literary theory, comparative literature, and world literature.


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