Human Rights Related Trade Measures under International Law

The Legality of Trade Measures Imposed in Response to Violations of Human Rights Obligations under General International Law


When does international law allow a State or group of States to adopt trade measures in order to “coerce” another State to comply with its international obligations to ensure respect for human rights? In answering this question this book draws together complex areas of international law which include the rules prohibiting interference in the internal affairs of sovereign States, the rules regulating extra-territorial exercises of jurisdiction, the law of State responsibility and the international legal rules requiring the protection of human rights and regulating international trade. The literature on “Trade and …” issues invariably focuses on a limited number of these areas, or approaches the issues from an international relations or economic perspective. This book will assist specialists in international human rights law and international trade law, academic and government lawyers who advise on or implement international trade policy and those studying the use of human rights related trade measures.


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Table of contents

Foreword; Acknowledgements; Table of Cases; Table of National legislation; Table of Treaties;
Table of Other International Instruments; Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 The Protection of Human Rights under International Law; Chapter 3 International Legal Regulation of Interstate Trade; Chapter 4 Interaction between Rules and Principles of International Law – Human Rights and Trade; Chapter 5 Human Rights Related Trade Measures Not Subject to Full World Trade Organization Discipline – Measures Implemented by the European Union and the United States of America; Chapter 6 Human Rights Related Trade Measures under the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization; Chapter 7 International Trade Regulation, Human Rights and Development ; Chapter 8 Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.


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