Proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the IATS, 2003. Volume 11: Tibetan Modernities

Notes from the Field on Cultural and Social Change


This is the first major publication in the West to study modernity and its impact on contemporary Tibet. Based on field work by researchers from the fields of anthropology, sociology, environmental science, literature, art and linguistics, it presents essays on education, economics, childbirth, environment, caste, pop music, media and painting in Tibetan communities today. The findings emerge from studies carried out in Ladakh, Golok, Lhasa, Xining, Shigatse and other areas of the Tibetan world. It will provide important and sometimes surprising results for students of Tibet, China, Himalayan studies, as well as an important contribution to our understandings of modernity and development in the modern world.
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Biographical Note

Robert Barnett Ph.D. (2003) in Oriental Studies, Cambridge University is the Adjunct Professor in Contemporary Tibetan Studies at Columbia University, New York. His publications include Lhasa: Streets with Memories (Columbia, 2006) and Resistance and Reform in Tibet (Hurst and University of Indiana , 1994). Ronald Schwartz Ph.D. (1977) in Sociology, University of Toronto, is Professor of Sociology at Memorial University, St Johns, Newfoundland, and author of numerous works including Circle of Protest (Hursts and Columbia, 1994).

Table of contents

CONTENTS Maps and illustrations Abbreviations Preface INTRODUCTION Tibet and modernity - RONALD SCHWARTZ PART 1 MODERNISATION AND SOCIAL CHANGE Modernity, memory and agricultural modernisation in Central Tibet, 1950–1980 - EMILY T. YEH The flow of wealth in Golok pastoralist society: Towards an assessment of local financial resources for economic development - SUSAN COSTELLO Pollution and social networks in contemporary rural Tibet - HEIDI FJELD Embodying the Nation: Childbirth in Contemporary Tibet - JENNIFER MARIE CHERTOW PART 2 THE PEDAGOGY OF MODERNITY Imaginaries of Ladakhi modernity - MARTIJN VAN BEEK Schooling and ‘quality education’ in the Tibetan Diaspora and Tibet - ELLEN BANGSBO A preliminary note on Chinese codeswitching in modern Lhasa Tibetan - KALSANG YESHE PART 3 TWO ARTISTS ON CONTEMPORARY ART AND CINEMA Twentieth century Tibetan painting - TSEWANG TASHI Reflections on Tibetan film - CHENAKTSHANG DORJE TSERING (JANGBU) PART 4 NEW MEDIA, NEW PUBLIC SPACE Dancing to the beat of modernity: The rise and development of Tibetan pop music - YANGDON DHONDUP Blue Lake: Tibetan popular music, place and fantasies of the nation - ANNA STIRR Citizenship as agency in a virtual Tibetan public - TASHI RABGEY Authenticity, secrecy and public space: Chen Kuiyuan and representations of the Panchen Lama reincarnation dispute of 1995 - ROBERT BARNETT Appendix: Books and Dissertations on 20th Century Tibet Contributors Index


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