Spain in Italy

Politics, Society, and Religion 1500-1700


Nuanced understanding of the reciprocal nature of Spanish-Italian relations and the rich cultural production that was the product of the far-reaching exchanges between the two peninsulas throughout the early modern period guides the nineteen essays in this volume. The key political reality of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spanish imperial domination in Italy—formal (Sicily, Sardinia, Naples, Milan), informal (Rome, Genoa, Tuscany), and more neutral or independent (Venice)—introduces the investigation in this volume into the methods and mechanisms of control and collaboration, cooperation and cooptation, assimilation and resistance. The connections between topics and problems in social, administrative, economic, and cultural history follow from political theory and practice. Politics, society, economy, and religion help us see both Spain and Italy more clearly.

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Biographical Note

Thomas James Dandelet Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, is Associate Professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of Spanish Rome, 1500-1700 (Yale, 2001) and other publications on Renaissance Italy, the Spanish Empire, and the Mediterranean world.

John A. Marino, Ph.D., University of Chicago (1977) is a Historian at the University of California, San Diego, with publications on the early modern Mediterranean world, Spanish Italy, the city and kingdom of Naples, and the Italian South.

Table of contents

Introduction - Thomas James Dandelet and John A. Marino
I. States under Spanish Rule
1. Integration and Conflict in Spanish Sicily - Francesco Benigno
2. The Kingdom of Sardinia: A Province In Balance between Catalonia, Castile, and Italy - Francesco Manconi
3. The Kingdom of Naples in the Spanish Imperial System - Aurelio Musi
4. Milan: From the Empire to the Spanish Monarchy - Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio Alvariño
II. Spanish Influence in the Italian States
5. Naples and Florence in Charles V’s Italy: Family, Court, and Government in the Toledo-Medici Alliance - Carlos José Hernando Sánchez
6. Paying for the New St. Peter’s: Contributions to the Construction of the New Basilica from Spanish Lands, 1506-1620 - Thomas James Dandelet
7. Genoa: Being a Republic in Philip II’s Empire - Arturo Pacini
8. The Venetian Territorial State: Constructing Boundaries in the Shadow of Spain - John Jeffries Martin
III. Society, Administration, and Economy
9. Noble Presence and Stratification in the Territories of Spanish Italy - Giovanni Muto
10. The Profession of Arms and the Nobility in Spanish Italy: Some Considerations - Claudio Donati
11. Evolving the History of Women in Early Modern Italy: Subordination and Agency - Elizabeth S. Cohen
12. Government/Administration: The Italian Kingdoms within the Spanish Monarchy - Mireille Peytavin
13. A Declining Economy: Central and Northern Italy - Paolo Malanima
14. The Rural World in Italy under Spanish Rule - John A. Marino
IV. Religion and the Church
15. Exchanges Between Italy and Spain: Culture and Religion - James S. Amelang
16. Church Reform and Heresy in the age of Charles V: Spanish Reflections in Italy - Massimo Firpo
17. Male Religious Orders in Sixteenth-Century Italy - Flavio Rurale
18. Church and Crown in Spanish Italy - Agostino Borromeo
19. The Politics of Counter-Reformation Iconography and a Quest for the Spanishness of Neapolitan Art - Sebastian Schütze


All those interested in Italian Studies, Hispanic Studies, Mediterranean Studies, and Early Modern History, as well as empires and imperial systems.

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