The Dutch East India Company's Tea Trade with China, 1757-1781


This case study of the tea trade of the Dutch East India Company with China deals with the most profitable phase of the Dutch Company’s China trade, focusing on the question why and how the tea trade was taken out of the hands of the High Government in Batavia and put under the supervision of the newly established China Committee in 1757. Various factors which contributed to the phenomenal rise of this trade and its sudden decline are dealt with in detail.
Filling in lacunae left open by previous research and this monograph contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the VOC trade with Asia.
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Biographical Note

Y. Liu (1974) obtained his MA in History in 2000 at Xiamen University, China and received his doctorate in History in 2006 at Leiden University, the Netherlands. His main interests are the history of overseas Chinese in South-east Asia as well as Sino-European trade.


All those interested in the history of the VOC, the history of European-Canton trade as well as intra-Asian trade, and Chinese merchants in Canton and articles of Canton trade.


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