Dark Enlightenment

The Historical, Sociological, and Discursive Contexts of Contemporary Esoteric Magic


Author: Kennet Granholm
In Dark Enlightenment Kennet Granholm explores the historical, sociological, and discursive contexts of contemporary esoteric magic. The book is focused on the Sweden-originated Left-Hand Path magic order Dragon Rouge in particular, but through a detailed contextualizing examination of this case study it offers a broader visage of contemporary esotericism in general. The author takes cue from both the historiography of Western esotericism and the sociological study of new religions and religious change, aiming to provide a transdisciplinary framework for a comprehensive study of esotericism in late modernity.

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Kennet Granholm, Ph.D. (1977), is Docent in Comparative Religion at Åbo Akademi University and Assistant Professor in History of Religions at Stockholm University. He has published extensively on esotericism in late modernity and is co-editor (with Egil Asprem) of Contemporary Esotericism (Equinox, 2013). For more information about the author: kennetgranholm.com.
All interested in contemporary esotericism in general and esoteric magic in particular, and anyone interested in new religions, neopaganism, Satanism, and theory and method in the study of esotericism.