Dutch and British Colonial Intervention in Sri Lanka, 1780-1815

Expansion and Reform


This study examines the colonial intervention in Sri Lanka at the end of the eighteenth century, when British rule replaced Dutch rule on the island. It focuses on the local reforms in the Dutch administration and policymaking on the island prior to the take-over and the various ways in which the British colonial government dealt with the Dutch legacy. Native agency in the colonial state formation process, the influence of the revolutions that swayed Europe at the time and changes in Dutch and British colonial exploitation are addressed respectively in an effort to characterize the transition of colonial regimes in Asia during this revolutionary era.
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Biographical Note

Alicia Schrikker (1976) obtained her MA in History at Leiden University in 2001 and received her doctorate in History at the same university in 2006. Her main interests include the history of the Asian-European interaction and colonial state formation. She is currently employed at Leiden University as coordinator of the ENCOMPASS (Encountering a Common Past in Asia) programme.


all those interested in Sri Lankan history, the history of the VOC, Dutch colonial history, British imperial history, and colonial administrations, policy and ideology in general.


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