Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology. The Myriapoda, Volume 2


Myriapods are the only major zoological group for which a modern encyclopedic treatment has never been produced. In particular, this was the single major gap in the largest zoological treatise of the XIX century (Grassé’s Traité de Zoologie), whose publication has recently been stopped. The two volumes of “The Myriapoda” fill that gap with an updated treatment in the English language.

Volume II deals with the Diplopoda or millipedes. As in the previous volume, the treatment is articulated in chapters dealing with external and internal morphology, physiology, reproduction, development, distribution, ecology, phylogeny and taxonomy. All currently recognized suprageneric taxa and a very large selection of the genera are considered.

All groups and features are extensively illustrated by line drawings and micrographs and living specimens of representative species of the main groups are presented in color photographs.

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Alessandro Minelli, Professor of Zoology at the University of Padova, is the author of Biological Systematics (Chapman & Hall, 1993), The Development of Animal Form (Cambridge University Press, 2003), Perspectives in Animal Phylogeny and Evolution (Oxford University Press, 2009) and Forms of Becoming (Princeton University Press, 2009). His main research interest is, currently, the evolution of body architecture.
A section of sixteen color plates completes the picture of the external morphology of millipedes and gives an account of their amazing mega-diversity. The book is well illustrated with near 300 light, TEM and SEM micrographs and line drawings. Near 15 tables summarize the leading information, including a final large table giving an overview of the suprageneric millipede taxa. Each of the [...] chapters is a deep and updated review, fully referenced with a list of references at the end (80 pages in all, about 1,600 titles). All the co-authors are renowned experts, morphologists, ecologists, taxonomists and biogeographers, leading specialists on the topics they discuss. To conclude, coupled with the first volume of the monograph, this book is an excellent tool of reference not only for myriapodologists, but also for those who are interested in the biology, ecology and evolution of soil arthropods and soil biology in general. We are, therefore, grateful to Sandro Minelli for finally completing his editorial project, planned long time ago, of an updated treatise on Myriapoda (as he tell us in the preface of the first volume), thus filling a nearly century-long gap in the modern zoological literature about this intriguing group of arthropods.
Marzio Zapparoli, in: Fragmenta entomologica, 48 (1): 87-88 (2016).
1 Diplopoda – An outline of research history, by Alessandro MINELLI
2 Diplopoda – General morphology, by Markus KOCH
3 Diplopoda – Integument, by Slobodan E. MAKAROV
4 Diplopoda – Skeletomuscular system and locomotion, by Markus KOCH
5 Diplopoda – Digestive system, by Carmem Silvia FONTANETTI, Cristina MOREIRA-DE-SOUSA, Tamaris GIMENEZ PINHEIRO, Raphael BASTÃO DE SOUZA & Annelise FRANCISCO
6 Diplopoda – Tracheal system, by Gero HILKEN, Andy SOMBKE, Carsten H. G. MÜLLER & Jörg ROSENBERG
7 Diplopoda – Circulatory system, by Christian S. WIRKNER & Willi E. R. XYLANDER
8 Diplopoda – Nervous and neuroendocrine systems, by Andy SOMBKE & Jörg ROSENBERG
9 Diplopoda – Sensory organs, by Carsten H.G. MÜLLER & Andy SOMBKE
10 Diplopoda – Reproduction, by Alessandro MINELLI & Peter MICHALIK
11 Diplopoda – Development, by Alessandro MINELLI
12 Diplopoda – Ecology, by Jean-François DAVID
13 Diplopoda – Geographical distribution, by Henrik ENGHOFF
14 Diplopoda – Fossils, by Gregory D. EDGECOMBE
15 Diplopoda – Phylogenetic relationships, by Gregory D. EDGECOMBE
16 Diplopoda – Taxonomic overview, by Henrik ENGHOFF, Sergei GOLOVATCH, Megan SHORT, Pavel STOEV & Thomas WESENER
Subclass Penicillata
Order Polyxenida
Order Glomeridesmida
Order Sphaerotheriida
Order Glomerida
Order Platydesmida
Order Siphonocryptida
Order Siphonophorida
Order Polyzoniida
Subterclass EUGNATHA
Order Polydesmida
Order Chordeumatida
Order Callipodida
Order Stemmiulida
Order Julida
Order Spirostreptida
Order Spirobolida
Helminthomorpha incertae sedis
Order Siphoniulida
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