Resurrection and Parousia

A Traditio-Historical Study of Paul's Eschatology in 1 Corinthians 15


This is a traditio-historical study of three ideas concerning the eschatological resurrection which Paul brings forward in 1 Corinthians 15:20-23: (a) Jesus' resurrection forms the beginning of the eschatological resurrection; (b) the eschatological resurrection will take place through participation in Jesus' resurrection; (c) the eschatological resurrection will take place at the time of Jesus' parousia.
The three ideas are investigated in the following way. Firstly, their occurrence and function in Paul is set out, subsequently their origin is reconstructed, and, finally, analogous Jewish concepts are compared.
A critical review of earlier research on these ideas and a literary and historical exegesis of the relevant sections of 1 Corinthians 15 precede the investigations.
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Biographical Note

Joost Holleman, Ph.D. (1995), Leiden University, is a Research Assistant in New Testament Studies at Leiden University.

Review Quotes

' H. hat auf verhältnismäßig wenig (dankenswerterweise!) Seiten ein großes Untersuchungsprogramm klar und übersichtlich durchgeführt. Seine und H.J. de Jonges Sicht des Traditionsganges wird die Diskussion über 1 Kor 15 und über die Entwicklung der urchristlichen Theologie zu neuen Klärungen nötigen.'
Gerhard Dautzenberg, Biblische Zeitschrift, 1998.

Winner of the 1996 Study Prize, awarded by the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation.


Students and scholars interested in New Testament Studies (especially Pauline thought and the history of early Christianity), as well as those interested in Hellenistic Jewish eschatology.


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