The China Environment Yearbook, Volume 1 (2005)

Crisis and Breakthrough of China's Environment


China’s environmental problems and ecological crises are still considerable. Pollution and ecological deterioration are becoming worse, while the booming economy and rising population are adding to the pressure. Will the PRC be able to avoid the traditional route of industrialization and embark on the path of sustainable development?

Friends of Nature is China’s first environmental NGO, and their first environmental yearbook deals with the year 2005, the year of the Songhua River toxic spill crisis, the bird flu attacks, but also of a number of governmental and local initiatives to begin to tackle the increasing pressure on the environment. Here are the voices of experts and witnesses from the PRC itself describing and commenting upon the environment and protection measures in China in 2005, from the public perspective.

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Liang Congjie is founder of Friends of Nature, China's first official environmental NGO, and professor of history at the Institute of Green Culture of the International Academy of Chinese Culture. He has received several national and international awards including the Ramon Magsaysay Award for public service in 2000 and was selected as one of the five Figures of Green China in 2005. He is the grandson of the Qing Dynasty reformer Liang Qichao.
Yang Dongping is vice president of Friends of Nature and professor of education at the Beijing Institute of Technology.
[The] China Environment Yearbook (2005)… is an important work for the future of China and the rest of the world."
Environmental Science and Pollution Research International (2008) 15

"Overall, The China Environment Yearbook provides extensive data and many case studies to inform Western readers adequately of China's environmental challenges and how they may be addressed. Its broad selection of topics will appeal to activists and others interested in China's environmental affairs...Therefore, this book is a worthy addition to university and public libraries."
Herman F. Huang, China Review International Vol. 16, No. 2, 2009
GENERAL REPORT: China’s Environmental Protection at the Crossroads
Yang Dongping

“Environmental Impact Assessment”—A Storm Stirs in 2005
Xiong Zhihong
Warnings and Lessons from the Songhua River Toxic Spill Crisis
Qie Jianrong
Hard-won Progress in Protecting Environmental Rights
Li Xingwang, Ning Chen and Liu Xin
“The Yuanmingyuan Park Lake Incident” and Its Impact on Public Awareness
Zhao Yongxin
Highly Controversial Hydropower Development in Western China
Xue Ye and Wang Yongchen
Avian Infl uenza Lands in China
Liang Hong
Memorandum Concerning the Asian Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd (APP) Incident
Chang Li
Different Voices in the Debate on “Revering Nature”
Bao Hongmei and Liu Bing

Using Public Policy to Promote the Cradle-to-cradle Economy
Gui Zhiming
China’s Water Crisis
Li Lifeng and Zou Lan
The Shadow of Environmental Pollution in China
Zhang Kejia
Policy Options for China’s Sustainable Energy Development
Hu Min and Yang Fuqiang
Ecological Recovery: Believing in Nature
Jiang Gaoming
Land Resource Protection and Management in China
Bao Xiaobin
“Great Leap Forward”-style Rush to Urbanize Puts Environment in the Spotlight
Zhou Weifeng
A Fragile Balance: Observations on Protecting Biodiversity
Xue Dayuan and Xie Yan
Development of Environmental NGOs in China
Fu Tao
Diverse Approaches to Environmental Education by Chinese NGOs
Wang Peng

The 26 Degrees Campaign: Saving Energy
Qiao Liming and Wang Peng
Electric Vehicles and Autos with Small Engines: Should We Ban or Promote Them?
Wang Peng
The Obsession with Harvesting Cordycep Mushrooms in the Three Rivers Source Area
Zhu Huiying and Mu Jingliang
The Green Hanjiang River NGO Helps Resolve a Trans-boundary River Pollution Problem
Jin Fen
Safeguarding Environmental Rights: Activist Efforts by Residents of Beijing’s Baiwang Jiayuan Neighborhood
Zhang Jingjing and Liang Xiaoyan
Dongwu Banner County Paper Mill: Polluting and Violating Legal Rights
Chen Jiqun and Li Junhui
Jisha in Yunnan: Environmental and Cultural Protection in the Development of Tourism
Li Bo
Alxa SEE Association: A New Initiative by Entrepreneurs
Yang Peng
Countering the Incursion of Genetically Modified Food in China
Lin Zhiguang, Wang Peng
Community-Based Sustainable Living: Cases in Beijing
Liao Xiaoyi
All those interested in developments in China's environment and environmental policy. Also an excellent primary source for analysis of the political climate for NGOs and public intellectual and policy discourse in China.