Globalization and Changes in China's Governance


China has witnessed great economic, political and societal changes since the reform and opening up in 1978. As China's economic system has been experiencing fundamental changes, China’s structure of governance has also been substantially altered in response to globalization. A unique model of political development is underway in China, which differs considerably from those conceived under both traditional socialist and liberal Western models. Globalization and Changes in China’s Governance, now available in English translation, tackles these issues of global importance through the analytical prowess of one of China’s leading intellectuals. This volume is an essential resource for readers tracking the rapid changes in China’s political and economic systems and for those interested in the work of public intellectuals in the PRC.

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Biographical Note

Yu Keping, Ph.D. (1988) in Political Science, Peking University, is Professor & Director of the China Center for Comparative Politics and Economics. He has published extensively on political philosophy and China's political reform. His major works include The Institutional Environment of Civil Society in China (2006).

Review Quotes

"...the book is a rich contribution to the study of governance and the changes in civil society that are occurring across China. It is a welcome addition to the literature in this area."
Doug Guthrie, The China Quarterly, Vol. 201, March 2010

" Globalization adds to the ideas presented in [Yu Keping's Democracy is a Good Thing] by detailing the effects of globalization on China's governance and by providing a critical overview of the current capacities of China's public sectors and of the challenges posed by globalization...Yu Keping is a must-read for anyone interested in the current public consciousness of China about the challenges ahead."
Brantly Womack, University of Virginia, The China Journal, No. 62 (July 2009)

Table of contents

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction: Changes in Governance and Political Development in China Under the Impact of Globalization
2. Globalization and Governmental Capacity in China
3. From the Discourse of "Sino-West" to "Globalization": Chinese Perspectives on Globalization
4. Americanization, Westernization, Sinification: Modernization or Globalization in China?
5. The Emergence of Civil Organizations and Changes in Rural China’s Governance
6. The Emergence of China’s Civil Society and Its Significance to Governance
7. China’s Rural Governance in the Past and Nowadays
8. The People’s Congress System in Reform China
9. Towards An Incremental Democracy and Governance: Chinese Theories and Assessment Criteria


All those interested in comparative politics, governance, globalization, political development of China as well as sinology.


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