East Meets West

Civilizational Encounters and the Spirit of Capitalism in East Asia


Over the past few decades, East Asia developments in terms of production, population and trade have shown remarkable dynamics. Ensuing changes in these regions of non-Western civilization are commonly interpreted in terms of a successful adaptation of modernity. However, experiences such as the regional crisis in 1997 and the tragic incident of September 2001 more than ever ask for more intensive civilizational dialogues, and urge us to carefully consider the implications of capitalist development in the East Asian context(s). This book deals with the issues of Asian values, civilizational encounters between East and West, and the development of capitalism and its culture in East Asian countries. Its focus on inter-civilizational exchanges and the intricate interplays between civilizational and capitalist dynamics helps us to better understand our human story and history.
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Biographical Note

Kyong-Dong Kim, Ph.D. (1972) in Sociology, Cornell University, is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Seoul National University. He has published extensively on development, Asian culture and civilizational dialogues. Hyun-Chin Lim, Ph.D. (1982) in Sociology, Harvard University, is Dean of College of Social Sciences at Seoul National University. He has published extensively on development, democracy, social movement and civil society.


All those interested in East Asian development, Asian values, inter-civilizational dialogues, capitalist characteristics in Japan, South Korea and China, Asian human sciences.