Logic and Ontology in the Syllogistic of Robert Kilwardby


One of the earliest 13th-century Latin commentators on Aristotle, Robert Kilwardby (d.1279) is an original logician and an ingenious interpreter. This is the first full-length study of his Prior Analytics commentary, and the first study to work from the medieval manuscripts. Kilwardby interprets Aristotle's syllogistic within a broad ontological context that includes the four causes, and concepts of degrees of perfection. His interpretation aims to preserve Aristotle's theses as correct; and he formulates semantic and syntactic hypotheses that achieve this aim with almost total perfection. The book includes an appendix offering a modern rendering of Kilwardby's original logical ideas.
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Paul Thom is a graduate of Sydney and Oxford Universities. He is Executive Dean of Arts at Southern Cross University. He has published extensively in history of logic.

Table of contents

Chapter One. Propositions
Chapter Two. Syllogisms
Chapter Three. Reduction
Chapter Four. Non-modal syllogisms
Chapter Five. Necessity-syllogisms
Chapter Six. Contingency-syllogisms
Appendix. Kilwardby and modern logic
Index of dubia
Index locorum
General index


All those interested in the history of medieval logic, and specialists in modal syllogistic.

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