International Environmental Law

3rd Edition


Author: Dinah Shelton
The third edition of this major legal guide has been thoroughly revised and updated to cover recent events and important emerging issues. Additional material includes analysis of and commentary on the World Summit on Sustainable Development, ecosystem management, compliance and dispute settlement, armed conflict, and developments in the relationship of trade and the environment.

Highlights include:

- Concept and Scope of the "Environment" and "Environmental Law"

-The Necessity of International Law

- Foundations of International Environmental Law

- Origin and Evolution of International Environmental Law

- Sources of International Environmental Law

- Institutions and Civil Society

- International Common Law and Principles

- Implementing International Environmental Law

- Compliance and Dispute Settlement

- Protection of Living Organisms

- Fresh Waters

-The Marine Environment

-Atmosphere, Stratosphere and Climate

-Regulating Threats to the Environment

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

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