Terrorism and Business: The Impact of September 11,2001

This timely book addresses the threats to and responses by Corporate America, U.S. labor, and the U.S. government triggered by the unprecedented September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The text details these incidents and assesses their human and financial costs; the multi-dimensional aspects of terrorism and its historical context; and the U.S. business community at home and abroad as principal targets of terrorism over the last 40 years. Next, the volume describes the costs of the September 11 attacks in terms of economic indicators, financial markets, and the impact on local, state, and national levels.

The publication covers the multi-faceted responses of Corporate America focusing on industry sectors, companies, and implications to conducting business in the twenty-first century. Industries and companies that may experience growth as a result of corporate, government, and military responses to terrorism are highlighted. Terrorism’s impact on the physical, psychological, and financial well-being of U.S. labor is described. Management costs due to terrorism are analyzed. Government responses to terrorism in terms of assuaging financial and human costs, stimulating the economy, and taking measures to reduce the threat of future terrorist incidents are noted. The conclusion highlights lessons learned and discusses future terrorist threats. An extensive bibliography enables the reader to reference additional materials for further study. An index provides easy access to key subjects in the book.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

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Dean C. Alexander is a lawyer and writer based in the Washington, D.C., area. He served in executive, legal, and business development roles with companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Mexico, and Chile. He taught international business law at several universities. He has published 6 books and numerous articles on international business, investment, law, and terrorism. Professor Yonah Alexander is founder and Co-Director of the Inter-University Center for Legal Studies at the International Law Institute (Washington, D.C.). He has advised U.S. and international companies on corporate security, terrorism, and political risk issues. Dr. Alexander founded and edited Terrorism: An International Journal and Political Communication and Persuasion: An International Journal. He has published over 80 books on the subjects of terrorism, international affairs, and business. Dr. Alexander has appeared on television and radio programs in over 40 countries.
Introduction; Chapter 1: Terrorism and Business: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives; Chapter 2: The Economic Costs to the United States: An Overview; Chapter 3: Terrorism and Corporate America: Impact on Selected Sectors; Chapter 4: War on Terrorism: The Role of Industry; Chapter 5: Terrorism and the Impact on U.S. Labor; Chapter 6: Terrorism and U.S. Government Responses; Conclusion; Selected Bibliography; Index.