An International Regime for Marine Scientific Research

This book, An International Regime for Marine Scientific Research provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary study of the International Regime for Marine Scientific Research. Montserrat examines lingering North-South disagreements on the scope of regulation-how these are exacerbated by unprecedented marine science, methodology and technological developments-and explores means to encourage greater MSR cooperation and negotiation.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

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Montserrat Gorina-Ysern is an independent international law and ocean policy consultant with extensive publications in the field. Dr. Gorina-Ysern has been a legal analyst, researcher and academic in Europe, Australia-Pacific, Central America, and the United States. She is affiliated with the School of International Service, American University.
"An International Regime for Maritime Scientific Research is an essential reference and resource for professionals and students alike. It explores in great detail the evolution of a broad range of important legal and societal issues that impact marine scientific research, ocean law and public policy in a single, readable volume. This book is a valuable addition to any private collection or library concerned with the practice of ocean science." - Frank R. Rack, Director, Ocean Drilling Programs, Director, DOE Programs, Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc.
"… Gorina-Ysern’s volume will stand as a “classic volume.” Most questions that can be asked about marine scientific research are raised and the volume provides a wealth of information on state and institutional practices." - David L. VanderZwaag, Marine and Environmental Law Institute, Canada, in: International Journal of Maritime History (Volume XVIII, No. 2)
"With her book on an international regime for marine scientific research Gorina-Ysern has delivered the first comprehensive and thoroughly researched description of international regulations governing transnational marine scientific research and their implementation on the national level as well as an analysis of modern challenges for marine scientific research." - Dr. Nele Matz, LL.M., Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg
"For me, this is the essential and definitive book to understand the complex issue of Marine Scientific Research from a legal point of view." - Aurora Mateos, Lawyer, IOC/ABE-LOS Technical Secretary "A must read for anyone delving into the Law of the Sea. It provides a comprehensive foundation for the entire subject and has been very helpful to us in assessing the various issues we are forced to face with respect to scientific ocean drilling." - Steven R. Bohlen, President, Joint Oceanographic Institutions
"when I have doubts your book is always a valuable response" - Dr. Elvira Velazquez, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peru
"I consider it a very good contribution to the necessary codification of practices regarding the regime on marine research and an update of the new trends and emerging situations relating to the law of the sea." - Dr. Patricio Bernal, Executive Secretary IOC, ADG of UNESCO for IOC
"I did find your book very comprehensive and addressing issues which have not been developed at all in the Convention. I am referring, in particular to the issue of intellectual property rights and the developing issue of conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity. I also found very interesting the chapters concerning the practice of States with regard to marine scientific research. This is very useful for my work in the office and in relation to the work of the IOC/ABELOS" - Alice Hicuburundi, Law of the Sea/Ocean Affairs Officer, Train-Sea-Coast Programme Coordinator, Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea/Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations