Wisdom’s Root Revealed

Ben Sira and the Election of Israel


This monograph interprets the theme of election in the book of Sirach. Previous scholarship has often understood Ben Sira’s worldview to be dualistic, and has approached the sage's correlation of Wisdom and Torah as either a nationalization of Wisdom or a universalization of Torah. By probing Ben Sira’s ideas about election, this book suggests that Ben Sira does not collapse the traditional sapiential dichotomy wisdom/folly into a dualistic worldview, and that his understanding of the relation between Wisdom and Torah proves to be far more subtle than previous interpretations have allowed. The study demonstrates that the concept of election enables a profitable discussion of the relation of Wisdom and Torah in the thought of this pivotal Second Temple sage.

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Greg Schmidt Goering, Th.D. (2006) in Hebrew Bible, Harvard University, is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. He researches Jewish wisdom literature, nature and revelation, and visual and aural metaphors in religious discourse.
All those interested in Second Temple Judaism, Jewish wisdom literature, the Deuterocanonical books, Septuagintal studies, Hebrew poetry, the doctrine of election, revelation, religion and nature, eschatology, and natural theology.