Redressing Miscarriages of Justice: Practice and Procedure in (International) Criminal Cases

2nd Revised Edition


In Redressing Miscarriages of Justice (2nd ed.) Geert-Jan Alexander Knoops offers an extensive review of the (procedural) mechanisms available in different (international) criminal law systems, in order to prevent and redress miscarriages of justice. The mechanisms will be illustrated on the basis of the causes of miscarriages of justice.

Disclosure deficiencies, false confessions, eyewitness misidentification and (fraudulent) forensic sciences are all topics that pass in review. The new chapter to this 2nd edition gives particular insight from a defence perspective; it delves into the issue of challenging and investigating forensic “science” reports and is illustrated with some vivid case examples.

The book is essential to everyone studying and challenging wrongful convictions, since it combines both procedures and causes.

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Geert-Jan Alexander Knoops (1960) is a professor of International Criminal Law at Utrecht University. He holds two Ph.D. degrees, one on criminal law and one on international criminal law. He practices as a lawyer in (international) criminal law at Knoops’ advocaten in Amsterdam.
Preface; About the author; List of abbreviations;
Chapter 1. The Need for Effective Retrial Procedures in (International) Criminal Cases
Chapter 2. Protection Against Miscarriages of Justice Within (International) Criminal Law: An Erga Omnes Obligation
Chapter 3. Causes and Predisposing Factors of Miscarriages of Justice: A Legal Overview
Chapter 4. Miscarriages of Justice Originating from Disclosure Deficiencies in Criminal Cases
Chapter 5. Miscarriages of Justice Originating from False or Unreliable Confessions and Plea Agreements
Chapter 6. Miscarriages of Justice Originating from Unsafe Identification Evidence in Criminal Cases
Chapter 7. Retrial Standards and Procedures Before National For a and Contemporary International Criminal Tribunals.
Chapter 8. Forensic Sciences: Trial and Retrial Standards to Protect Against and Remedy Miscarriages of Justice
Chapter 9. Expert Evidence Requirements and Standards Within (International) Criminal Cases.
Chapter 10. Procedural Mechanisms Sui Generis Against Miscarriages of Justice
Chapter 11. Defence Strategies to Prevent and Remedy Miscarriages of Justice.
Chapter 12. Recommendations and Future Guidelines as to the Protection Against Miscarriages of Justice
Table of Authorities; Table of Cases; Index.
All interested in teaching and learning about miscarriages of justice. As well as (international) criminal law practitioners trying to investigate and overturn wrongful convictions, and ones seeking policy reform regarding this topic