The Collembola of Fennoscandia and Denmark, Part II: Entomobryomorpha and Symphypleona


This volume completes the survey of the ca. 400 species of springtails, which can be found in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the Faroes and the Arctic Islands and includes the sections Entomobryomorpha and Symphypleona. The first volume, published in 1998, covered Poduromorpha. Identification keys and full descriptions of the species are richly illustrated by line drawings. Photos are provided for some species displaying characteristic patterns of pigmentation. New diagnostic characters, including sensillary chaetotaxy and details of the mouth apparatus, are introduced.

With the appearence of this book soil scientists and the interested amateur have now a modern tool to identify all species of Nordic springtails. In addition the habitat preferences and geographical distribuition are summarised. The book will be of general interest to everyone working on springtail identification.

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Biographical Note

Arne Fjellberg, Dr. Philos. (1988) on Holarctic Collembola systematics and distribution, University of Tromsö, is currently engaged by the Swedish Species Project to survey and present to complete Nordic springtail fauna within the frames of "Nationalnyckeln", a Swedish major project on biodiversity documentation.


All students, researchers and educated laymen engaged in the identification of springtail species of the Nordic countries. Libraries and institutions in applied soil sciences.


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