Discourse in Ritual Studies


Discourse in Ritual Studies invites you to enter a conversation on the topic of liturgy from the perspective of ritual studies. Since liturgical topics are not among the most frequently addressed issues in ritual studies, this volume supplies a need for studies of public worship that take into account the multidisciplinary and innovative research in ritual studies while dealing with basic issues of religious studies and theology. The contributing authors share an action-oriented and empirical interest in ritual studies while not losing sight of perennial and normative questions that characterize the study of liturgy. Thus, a valuable discourse unfolds that opens up new opportunities for worship research in ritual studies. Contributers are: Johannes van der Ven, Ronald Grimes, Chris Hermans, Jacques Janssen, Jean-Pierre Wils, Georg Essen, Aad de Jong, Thomas Quartier, Remco Robinson, Lieve Gommers, Irene Houwer, and Hans Schilderman.

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Biographical Note

Hans (J.B.A.M.) Schilderman, Ph.D. (1998) in Theology, Catholic University of Nijmegen, is Associate Professor of Empirical Studies in Religion at Radboud University Nijmegen. He publishes on religious ritual and the public and professional significance of religion. Among his recent publications features Religion as a Profession (Brill 2005).

Table of contents

Introduction. A discourse in ritual studies ... ix
Hans Schilderman


1. Liturgical studies from a ritual studies perspective ... 3
Hans Schilderman

2. Religion, morality and ritual in evolutionary perspective ... 35
Johannes A. van der Ven

3. Towards a liturgical theory of the incarnated mind. A non-reductive naturalist view ... 81
Chris Hermans, Jacques Janssen, Lieve Gommers & Irene Houwer

4. Liturgical action from a language perspective: about performance and performatives in liturgy ... 111
Aad de Jong


5. Ritual, performance, and the sequestering of sacred space ... 149
Ronald L. Grimes

6. Matrimony: values and ritual. An empirical study of the relation between matrimonial values and notions about the form of ecclesiastic marriage rites ... 169
Remco Robinson and Hans Schilderman

7. Roman Catholic funeral liturgy and human finitude: Empirical explorations of life, death and afterlife in connection with liturgical memory ... 199
Thomas Quartier and Chris A. M. Hermans

8. Ministry as a ritual profession ... 229
Hans Schilderman


9. From ritual to hermeneutics. An exploration with ethical intent ... 257
Jean-Pierre Wils

10. “Can yesterday get better?” The trouble with memory and the gift of the Eucharist. Systematic-theological reflections on the presence of the past ... 277
Georg Essen

Index ........................................................................................... 299


All those interested in ritual studies, especially scholars in religious studies, theologians, liturgists, anthropologists and other social scientists, and all those with a professional interest in public worship including religious professionals and students in theology and religious studies.

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