India and International Law, Volume 2

Editor: Bimal N. Patel
India and International Law, volume 2 examines India’s policy and practical approach to modern and emerging subjects such as energy, investment, sports, banking, biotechnology, taxation, water courses, feminism, air law and role of India in UN reforms. The most discussed interlinked issues of civilian nuclear energy and nuclear weapons are analysed in two separate chapters. This volume also examines legal challenges and offers possible solutions in the area of private international law, which hopefully would serve the purposes of relevant policy-makers, judiciary, common men and women and 2.5 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). India and International Law, volume 2 will enable the readers to realize the sheer magnitude of legal challenges faced by India, hence, one way forward is to consider some of the suggestions offered by the authors. It is hoped that these two volumes will provide a useful framework for similar studies and will remain a must source of consultation for those who are interested in India’s state practice on international law.
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Review Quotes

Praise for India and International Law, volume 1

”This collection of sixteen individually-authored essays by prominent scholars presents an in-depth analysis of India's role in the international community. This volume is a valuable reference tool for one seeking practical insight into India's contributions. It's respective essays provide pristine analyses of relevant constitutional provisions, WTO, human rights, international criminal law, environmental, outer space, and arbitration/enforcement themes.
In an era when globally-oriented perspectives are more important than ever, this collection yields useful insights, on some major international issues of the day. These are premised upon one of the oldest nation's newest perspectives.”

American Society of International Law UN21 Newsletter (issue 34, February 2006)

“…The effort in presenting the views of a particular State is admirable, and performs an important function in promoting or in contribution to promoting the clarity of the rules and principles of international law. The book is no doubt a useful reference tool to scholars, policy makers and practitioners…Such projects are of value both in promoting the penetration of international law into the domestic legal order and in promoting the role of the State involved in the international law-making process.”

Chinese Journal of International Law (vol. 2, July 2006)

“The commitment of the state of India to the progressive development and codification of international law is estimable and has long been deserving of a comprehensive and detailed examination. Indian efforts in the fields of intellectual property rights, trade, and environmental law have been instrumental in refocusing international debate in these fields to include the voices of the developing world. Thus, given these important contributions, the publication of India and International Law is a welcome addition to the scant body of literature on state practice in the field of international law… India and International Law remains a worthy contribution to the literature of state practice in the field of international law and is highly recommended as a new acquisition for any comprehensive collection of international and comparative law materials.”

Cornell Law Review, (vol. 34, issue 3, 2006)

“India and International Law brings together a variety of perspectives and topics which reflects both the traditional Indian scholarly approach to ‘India and international law’ and the new zeal in the ‘Indian perspectives’ on international law….Another publication on India and international law is called for – perhaps a second volume which would complete the overview both with respect to content and with respect to the technical means which are necessary to turn both volumes into a ‘useful reference tool’.”

Leiden Journal of International Law (vol. 2, issue 2, 2007)

“...Il est cependant d’un intérêt certain pour celui qui veut apprécier le rôle et la place de l’Inde dans les relations juridiques internationales ce qui est assez mal connu en France et découvrir des noms de juristes de ce pays, trop souvent ignorés dans le nôtre. A cet égard, le livre rédigé en collaboration par B. Patel est très certainement intéressant et utile.”

Yves Daudet, Secretary-General, Hague Academy of International Law

Table of contents


Foreword by Mr Ram Niwas Mirdha, President, Indian Society of International Law

Note about the Contributors


Table of National Cases

Table of National Indian Legislations

Bimal N. PATEL

Interface between International Law and Municipal Law: Role of the Indian Judiciary

India and the UN Reforms
Bimal N. PATEL

India and the Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

India and the International Law of Civilian Nuclear Energy
Fakiha KHAN

India and International Energy Law

Climate Change, Energy Law and India
Krishnendu MUKHERJI

International Financial Institutions and Indian Banking: A Legal Profile
Autar Krishen KOUL & Mihir CHATTERJEE

Patent Laws in India: One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward

India and International Investment Laws
Devashish KRISHAN

Bilateral Tax Treaties: A Review of Indian Laws

Combating Public Corruption in India and the United Nations Convention against Corruption
R. Rajesh BABU

Sports Broadcasting Regulations and India

Feminism and International Law in India

Violence against Women: International and National Human Rights Jurisprudence

Judiciary of India and the Implementation of International Environmental Law in India:
Some Remarks
Jaydeepsinh G. VAGHELA

Jurisdictional Issues in the Enforcement of Foreign Divorce Decrees in India

Family Laws and Religion – An Indian Experience

Concluding Remarks
Bimal N. PATEL

Status of India:
Signature and Ratification of Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the
United Nations Secretary-General as of 20 July 2007
Leeladhara BHANDARY M.

Select Bibliography
Bimal N. PATEL

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