A Companion to the Philosophy of Robert Kilwardby


Cardinal and Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Kilwardby OP (c. 1215-1279) was a very important and influential thinker in his time, but he has not received the scholarly attention he deserves. In this book we present the first study of all of his philosophical works from logic and grammar to metaphysics and ethics. It contains a substantial introduction about Kilwardby's life and work as well as a comprehensive bibliography. The articles are all newly written by the foremost experts on Kilwardby today. The book should be of interest to any one studying medieval philosophy but foremost for scholars of thirteenth century philosophy.

Contributors include Henrik Lagerlund, Paul Thom, Anthony Celano, Alessandro D. Conti, Amos Corbini, Silvia Donati, C.H. Kneepkens, Alfonso Maierù, José Filipe Silva and Cecilia Trifogli.

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Henrik Lagerlund, Ph.D. (Philosophy, Uppsala University 1999) is Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario. He has written extensively on medieval philosophy.

Paul Thom B.Phil. (Philosophy, Oxford University 1967) is Honorary Professor at Sydney University. His study of Kilwardby’s commentary on the Prior Analytics (Logic and Ontology in the Syllogistic of Robert Kilwardby)is to be followed by an edition of the commentary.

Contributors include: Henrik Lagerlund, Paul Thom, Anthony Celano, Alessandro D. Conti, Amos Corbini, Silvia Donati, C.H. Kneepkens, Alfonso Maierù, José Filipe Silva, and Cecilia Trifogli.
"The essays in the volume are of a high quality. Further, the studies are broad and comprehensive, such that the reader is introduced to the central philosophical aspects of Kilwardby’s thought. Several of the studies, in particular, increase substantially our understanding of his philosophy by studying heretofore unedited manuscripts."
John T. Slotemaker, Fairfield University. In: Religious Studies Review, Vol. 39, No. 4 (December 2013), pp. 278-279.


Introduction: The Life and Philosophical Works of Robert Kilwardby
Henrik Lagerlund and Paul Thom

Chapter 1: Robert Kilwardby on Grammar
C.H. Kneepkens

Chapter 2: Semantics and Ontology in Robert Kilwardby’s Commentaries on the Logica vetus
Alessandro D. Conti

Chapter 3: Robert Kilwardby on Syllogistic Form
Paul Thom

Chapter 4: Robert Kilwardby and the Aristotelian Theory of Science
Amos Corbini

Chapter 5: Robert Kilwardby on Time
Cecilia Trifogli

Chapter 6: Robert Kilwardby on Matter
Silvia Donati

Chapter 7: Robert Kilwardby on the Theory of the Soul and Epistemology
José Filipe Silva

Chapter 8: Robert Kilwardby on Ethics
Anthony Celano

Chapter 9: Robert Kilwardby on the Division of Sciences
Alfonso Maierù


All those interested in medieval philosophy and in thirteenth century philosophy in particular.