L’Apocalypse des animaux (1 Hen 85-90): une propagande militaire?

Approches narrative, historico-critique, perspectives théologiques


For the majority of scholars, the Animal Apocalypse is a militant text, a piece of pro-Maccabean propaganda. This text, however, develops theological reflections that are distinctly different from a justification of an armed struggle. Its themes are even incompatible with the Maccabean movement. It is impossible to condemn the Second Temple and, at the same time, mobilise people for a fight in order to purify that very Temple. After dealing with text-critical issues, this work challenges the thesis that the text is military propaganda through the use of narrative and historical approaches. The analyses, besides proposing a new way of a studying an apocalypse, spell out the peculiarity and the significance of the theology of the Animal Apocalypse in connection with the biblical history of Israel and the theology of the Qumran community.

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Daniel Assefa, Ph.D. (2006) in Biblical Theology, Catholic Institute of Paris, teaches Sacred Scriptures at Capuchin Franciscan Institute of Philosophy and Theology (Addis Abeba). He has published "The Enigmatic End of the Animal Apocalypse in the light of Traditional Ethiopian commentary" in Proceedings of the XVth International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (Harrassowitz Verlag, 2006).
All those interested in Apocalyptic literature, the narrative analysis of an apocalypse, the Second Temple Judaism, the theology and history of the Qumran community, the biblical history of Israel, as well as specialists of Ethiopian Studies.