Early Modern Medievalisms

The Interplay between Scholarly Reflection and Artistic Production


Modernity has historically defined itself by relation to classical antiquity on the one hand, and the medieval on the other. While early modernity’s relation to Antiquity has been amply documented, its relation to the medieval has been less studied. This volume seeks to address this omission by presenting some preliminary explorations of this field. In seventeen essays ranging from the Italian Renaissance to Enlightenment France, it focuses on three main themes: continuities and discontinuities between the medieval and early modern, early modern re-uses of medieval matter, and conceptualizations of the medieval. Collectively, the essays illustrate how early modern medievalisms differ in important respects from post-Romantic views of the medieval, ultimately calling for a re-definition of the concept of medievalism itself. Contributors include: Mette Bruun, Peter Damian-Grint, Anne-Marie De Gendt, Daphne Hoogenboezem, Tiphaine Karsenti, Joost Keizer, Waldemar Kowalski, Elena Lombardi, Coen Maas, Pieter Mannaerts, Christoph Pieper, Jacomien Prins, Adam Shear, Paul Smith, Martin Spies, Andrea Worm, and Aurélie Zygel-Basso.
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Biographical Note

Alicia C. Montoya, Ph.D. (2005), University of Leiden, is Rosalind Franklin Fellow in Romance Languages at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). She has published on French medievalism, book history and women authors, including Marie-Anne Barbier et la tragédie post-classique (Champion, 2007). Sophie van Romburgh, Ph.D. (2002), University of Leiden, is a lecturer in English philology at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands). She studies early modern scholarship on medieval Germanic literature, and has published the correspondence of Francis Junius (Brill, 2004). Wim van Anrooij, Ph.D. (1990) in philology, University of Leiden, is Professor of Dutch Literature until Romanticism at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands). He has published on heralds and heraldic poetry, the Nine Worthies and medieval miscellanies.

Review Quote

"The editors of Early Modern Medievalisms deserve high praise for assembling excellent individual contributions representative of a wide range of topics and methodological approaches. Moreover, they should be congratulated on producing a meticulously edited volume." – Richard Utz, Georgia Institute of Technology, in: Spenser Review 43.2.38 (Fall 2013)

Table of contents

CONTENTS Acknowledgements Notes on the Editors Notes on the Contributors List of Illustrations Introduction: Questioning Early Modern Medievalisms ALICIA C. MONTOYA, SOPHIE VAN ROMBURGH, WIM VAN ANROOIJ Continuities and Discontinuities between the Medieval and the Early Modern ‘I Desire Therefore I Am’: Petrarch’s Canzoniere between the Medieval and the Modern Notion of Desire ELENA F. LOMBARDI Medievalisms in Latin Love Poetry of the Early Italian Quattrocento CHRISTOPH PIEPER On Pleasure: Conceptions in Badius’s Stultiferae Naves (1501) ANNE-MARIE DE GENDT From Historical Invention to Literary Myth: Ambivalences and Contradictions in the Early Modern Reception of the Franco-Trojan Genealogy TIPHAINE KARSENTI Early Modern Angelic Song in Francesco Patrizi’s L’Amorosa Filosofia (1577) JACOMIEN PRINS Invoking the Medieval: Between Scholarship and Artistic Production Rabelaisian Medievalisms: Pantagruel and Amadis PAUL J. SMITH The Portrait of Lady Katherine Grey and her Son: Iconographic Medievalism as a Legitimation Strategy MARTIN SPIES Medieval Tradition Presented in Early Modern Paintings and Inscriptions in Little Poland WALDEMAR KOWALSKI ‘O Fundatrix Begginarum’: St. Begga and her Office in Early Modern Beguine Scholarship and Musical Sources PIETER MANNAERTS Medievalism and Magic: Illustrating Classical French Fairy Tales DAPHNE HOOGENBOEZEM A Fairy Troubadour? Medieval Matter and the ‘Bon Vieux Temps’ in Women’s Fairy Tales (1730-1750) AURÉLIE ZYGEL-BASSO Old French in the Eighteenth Century: Aucassin et Nicolette PETER DAMIAN-GRINT Conceptualizing the Medieval ‘Covered in the Thickest Darkness of Forgetfulness’: Humanist Commonplaces and the Defence of Medievalism in Janus Dousa’s Metrical History (1599) COEN MAAS Reproducing the Middle Ages: Abbé Jean-Joseph Rive (1730-1791) and the Study of Manuscript Illumination at the Turn of the Early Modern Period ANDREA WORM Michelangelo out of Focus: Medievalism as Absent Life in Italian Renaissance Art JOOST KEIZER Jean Mabillon’s Middle Ages: On Medievalism, Textual Criticism, and Monastic Ideals METTE B. BRUUN The Early Modern Construction of Medieval Jewish Thought ADAM SHEAR Index Nominum


All those interested in medieval and early modern literature and intellectual history (particularly French, Italian and Netherlandish), as well as art historians and musicologists.